What Your Pen Says About You

Who are you?

A: The Professional – A pen is meant to be used for writing, they use them for professional correspondence. The pen and ink needs to be neutral and demand respect. These pens are making policies and laws and need to be faxed or scanned.

B: The Creative – A pen is meant to be used for writing, if they are writing it is with what makes them happy. The pen and ink can look like whatever the owner wants it to. The pen speaks of the owners’ personality and sense of freedom.

C: The Stylist – A pen is meant for writing, it needs to show the world the owners thoughtfulness and efficiency. They go looking for pens that match something they own or buy a pen and then buy matching accessories. It’s a hobby but everyone has one.

D: The Boss – A pen is meant for writing, they buy whatever pen they want and whatever ink they want But the pen and ink must match. These are busy people, but they are creative busy people. So to take one more thing off their mind they make the pens and ink match. They never have to wonder what ink is in their pen because it will be the color of the pen. It is effective and mindfully mindless.

Do you associate yourself more as a

A. Professional

B. Creative

C. Stylist

D. Boss

Let me know in the comments. Remember to be nice, this is just for fun.

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