What kind of pen are you?

Not another personality quiz…. yep; I love these. Are you sleek and stylish? Are you quiet and reserved? Are you into switching things up?

Here we go.

Number one:

A. You are reliable

B. You are easily distracted

C. You are the life of the party

D. You don’t want to be here

Number two:

A. That project that’s due tomorrow, it’s in your basket.

B. When was that due?

C. Hey, Do you want to work on a project together?

D. It’s done, can I leave now?

Number three:

A: You can use my pen. Put it back when your done.

B: Oh, thanks for giving this back, I forgot I gave it to you

C: oh yeah, I love this pen. Do you want to try it?

D: Yes, I have a pen. No, you can’t use it

Number four:

A. You take it everywhere and everyone thinks it’s super nice

B. Everyone knows it’s yours because you leave it lying around and then look for it later.

C. You have a drawer for them and give them as gifts

D. People comment on your pen and you say something along the lines of you don’t want other peoples’ germs.

If you answered mostly:

A. You are probably a Lamy 2000 or a Pilot Vanishing Point

B. You are probably a Kaweco Sport or Platinum Preppy

C. You are probably a Twisbi Eco or a Lamy Safari

D. You are probably a Montblanc 149 or Visconti HomoSapien

Let me know in the comments if we got it right, if you own one or have it on your wishlist. If we were way off and you’d never use that pen say so. I can’t wait to find out your results.

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