What is your why?

I grew up in an era of waiting at the mailbox for a handwritten birthday card. My grandparents wrote letters just because and I wrote back. I have a box (a big box) of handwritten letters, cards and notes saved from over the years. They weren’t always special in content but someone took the time to write me a letter and that was special.

I remember growing up seeing my grandmother and mothers’ beautiful cursive. Their print was immaculate. I couldn’t figure out why my handwriting was trash! I finally sat down and watched my mom write a letter. It took forever……… I thought it was because she was writing this long heartfelt letter….but it was just a recipe for my grandma to try and reminding her we were coming over next weekend. When I asked my mom what took so long writing it she said ” what good would it be for me to write something if no one can read it?”

You think I would have learned my lesson then but nope. I still got told to rewrite and rewrite assignments because my teachers couldn’t read it. My teachers were always reminding me that our school had a computer lab and that they would be happy to get me a time slot. My bad handwriting continued through all of grade school, college and into work. I still don’t have great handwriting but it’s legible now.

My Why

I finally decided to work on my handwriting not because I worried no one could read it but because I had terrible anxiety and needed a hobby. David suggested working on my handwriting because he couldn’t read the grocery list. He knew that journaling and writing was supposed to help people with anxiety. My husband was right.

I started handlettering, bullet journaling and learning to draw. I still have anxiety but now I have a way to destress and to feel like I have control over something.

What is your why? What brought you to writing? To investing in the little things that make it not just a quick note but a little piece of you on paper. These are stories I’d love to hear. Please let me know your why in the comments down below.

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