Storage and Daily Carrier:


Today we are talking about storage. Where do you keep all of your supplies? Do you have a special place for them? Do they all hang out on your desk? Are any of your pens in a single pen case? What do you do with your daily carrier? How do you have your supplies and pens sorted?

In my office I have a craft cart next to my desk. All of my art and craft books are in the top basket of the craft cart. I keep my sketchbooks and paper in the top basket as well. In the second basket I keep pens, inks and all my other writing utensils in a cute little sectioned holder. In the third basket I keep extra paper, notebooks, scrap pieces and work in progress pieces. I love having them all in an easy to reach place. I love being able to see what I have right on hand and grab it quick.

Some of the notebooks you will find include, Rhodia dot and blank pads, Tomoe River travel journals, Moleskein and Clairfontaine. The spare scraps of paper are printer paper and watercolor paper.

My fountain pen collection includes Lamy Safaris’, a white Twisbi Eco and a Conklin omni-flex. Non fountain pens include Pentel felt tip, Cedar Chalk Markers, Micron Archival, Tombow fudenuske and dual brushes. I keep each brand of pen in a separate holder section; except the Twisbi Eco. My Twisbi Eco is kept in a single pen slip case because I borrowed it from David and he says I scuffed it. I have since buffed it and put it in a safe place where it won’t get scuffed any more, aka not my purse.

David keeps his pens all in a cup together on his desk. Some of the pens are in individual pen slip cases. David keeps all of his inks on his desk. He has a small two drawer file case under his desk with his notebooks and spencerian workbooks.

Daily Carrier:

What is a daily carrier you might wonder. A daily Carrier is exactly what it sounds like, a pen you take with you and use daily. I don’t have a daily carrier… one reason being because of Covid-19; where we are at home staying safe and healthy. Having a daily carrier seemed silly for me since I would match my pens with my outfit. A great thing about having multiple colors of Lamys’ is that it makes it easy to grab one and go because I know they will all write the same.

Davids’ daily carrier also changed but that was because he would use a pen until the ink was out, clean it and then ink up a new pen. He has many different styles of pen but he seems to save the really nice pens for home.

Do you save your really nice pens for home? Do you take them out in a case or just put the pen in your pocket and go? I’d love to know your storage setup and your daily carrier. Tell me all about it in the comments below.

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  1. Pens are meant to be used. They grow more familiar and more efficient with time. They prefer a loyal hand, and adapt to become more in tune with their owner. I do have a couple of pens that don’t step outside my home or office. They are anomalies. They are delicate, fragile pens that have value to me that goes beyond simple monetary. Although they would be hard to replace, in truth, they are impossible to replace. All of my other pens are true writers. They go where the writing requires. They get inked, carried and used, and when they run dry, they get re-inked. A pen that is never carried is like a bird that never leaves its cage.

    1. Thank you Rick, I love hearing your thoughts. You mentioned that the few you keep home are anomalies. Do you show them off at home and have a display for them or more just sentimental value? For your everyday writers you said you use them until they run dry and then reink them. Do you use them in turns like one pen until it dries and then switch to a new pen or do you carry multiples on a daily basis? I love your bird analogy, thank you for sharing. -Kerri

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