Power of the Written Word

People say a picture is worth a thousand words. Those people are not wrong but what is a world without words. How would we have known the depth of Juliets’ love for Romeo if William Shakespeare hadn’t wrote it? Would we have known of the vast and beautiful culture of the Hobbits if Mister Tolkien himself hadn’t written it? “Why the caged bird sings” is the answer Maya Angelou gave us to a question we didn’t know we should be asking and I’m so glad she did.

In the anatomy of a hen the beak is used for eating and to create a pecking order. A pen is a tool used to write, draw and express oneself. Throughout the centuries those who could write and read where considered above the rest. Therefore creating a pecking order. The difference between the rich and the poor, the difference between the free and the oppressed.

When I think of the atrocities that have occured over the centuries I know that there was a photo that turned the tide of a people, There is a video that shakes a nation. After those photos and videos have been seen what is done? People are told go out and protest, call your congressman, write your senator. When you see photos of protesters you also see their signs.Words are one of our most powerful tools to fight back evil and injustice. 

When I see Pen and Hen I think of all the good that can come from the written word. Here’s my question for you my readers, What was the most meaningful thing you’ve written?

What you wrote doesn’t have to be something that changed the world, just something meaningful to you or who you wrote it to.  

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