Pen Confidence

In college I was working towards my dream job and got an interview at my number one place on the list. I knew my resume was good, I had the perfect speech planned but I still had butterflies in my stomach. David surprised me and got me a leather portfolio and a Cross ballpoint. I was so excited, I felt like a real professional and going into that interview I held my head high and rocked it. I was told how I’d make a great member of the team and could start monday. 

From that day forward I have always used that pen in every meeting and interview I’ve attended. I don’t bring my Cross ballpoint because I think it brings me luck I bring it because it reminds me I am loved and that I can do what I set my mind to. 

Setting my best foot forward could have taken many forms but having a portfolio and a professional pen set the tone for my professional career. I have gotten many comments on my cross pen. Through the years I have added to my pen collection and continued to get comments on how nice, charming or fancy they are. I guess all of this to say, if you want to make a good impression have a portfolio and a nice pen. If nothing else they will remember you for being the most professional of all the interviewees.

Do you have a favorite shirt, lucky socks or pen that just gives you that little boost of confidence? I’d love to hear your advice for others and any fun stories you have.  

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