My newest Obsession (Ink)

I can’t even express how much I love getting new inks. I am like a kid on christmas everytime I get a new ink. I love love love new pens but they are a bit more expensive than inks and variety is the spice of life.

While David will try any ink he prefers a good black, grey or blue. He will use reds, oranges and green but if you asked him what his pens were inked up with he’d say one or two pens and 90 percent of the time it’s a neutral color. Personally I love to have all of my pens inked if possible. I don’t have as many as some people so it is easier for me to keep them maintained. I love having the broadest nib and the shimmer-iest, glitter-iest, multi-colored inks. I get heart eyes seeing the full dynamic of what an ink can do.

As a Handlettering artist I tend to use different inks and styles throughout my work. So depending on the project; it is so much easier to have five pens inked with different colors or even the same color but in different pens.

My true trick of the trade is to use a glass dip pen and to switch colors immediately either causing them to have a beautiful bleed and blend as well as super easy cleanup. I have also seen many artists sketch entire pieces with just one ink and it will look to be at least three different colors. Now I know many beautiful fountain pens can have multiple colors and be multifaceted. But what is the cost of that one pen to my inks?

So here’s your assignment, look at your pens, pick your favorite one and see how many inks you could have bought instead. If you want to add the pen name and ink brands in the comments we would be so pleased.

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