Hen Personality Quiz

You thought this was a site about pens….well it is; but it’s fun to learn new things too. So without further ado,

What kind of Hen are you?

Number One: Your favorite color

A. White, Silver, Gold

B. Green, Purple, Black

C. Yellow, Red, Orange

D. Stripes, Spots, Layers

Number Two: Your temperament

A. High Energy, Noisy, Charming

B. Gentle, Tolerant, Friendly

C. Endangered, Shy, Regal

D. Calm, Easy Going, Curious

Number Three: The color of your eggs

A. Blue, White, Brown

B. Light Brown, Rich Chocolate Brown

C. Brown, Pastel Colored (pink, green, blue)

D. Brown, Creamy white

Number Four: The amount of eggs you laid this year

A. 100-200

B. 200-400

C. 150-250

D. 200-250

Number Five: Your feather style

A. Fabulous tuft and Distinct feather size

B. Soft and Shiny

C. Lots of Layers and Good in the cold

D. Stands out from the crowd and is Unusual

For your results: If you picked mostly

A. You are an Araucana Hen, White Leghorn Hen or a Silkie Hen

B. You are an Australorp Hen, Marans Hen or a Welsummer Hen

C. You are a Buff Orpington Hen, Rhode Island Red Hen or a Cinnamon Queen Hen

D. You are a Plymouth Rock Hen, Sussex Hen or a Holland Hen

Alright Peeps,

What kind of Hen are you? Have you heard of any of these?

You can use this link to see your Chicky in color :


Let me know in the comments your answers and if you’d like more of these silly chicken quizzes.

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