Getting to know you

Hey Penthusiasts,

Today is the day – our first blog on Pen and Hen. I’ll start off with a little bit about ourselves and then leave questions at the end to get to know you better.

The current team is made up of just the two of us; Kerri and David. High school sweethearts, through thick and thin. While I have only recently gotten into fountain pens, David has loved them for years.

He’s the guy who wrote in pen for algebra, yup that guy. You’ll know his work from the precise and beautiful photos posted throughout the site. You will see his well informed and unbiased reviews. You will read his biased and unashamed love for a certain pen over another; but never in the same post. Davids’ reviews will make you ask yourself “why haven’t I gotten this pen yet?” or ” Boy, am I glad I checked here before plopping down a big chunk of change .”

Myself well; you can expect lots of pretty writing samples and long winded blog posts. (JK) I have always had terrible handwriting; like unreadable. I finally decided to get a hobby and David suggested working on my handwriting. So I picked up Handlettering. Handlettering is the art of drawing letters. Now I’m no artist but give me a broad nib and a sparkly ink and I can make something pretty to look at.

So there you have it, the first blog post from Pen and Hen. I’ll let you guess whose Pen and whose Hen. So here’s the part where you come in. Why are you here? What are you looking for from our Penthusiast site? When did you start loving fountain pens?

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