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I was purusing the internet for a new cheap fountain pen and ended up on Amazon. (Surprise, Surprise) I was looking for something under $30 to help round out my Lamy Safari dominated collection. I am newer to the fountain pen hobby or should I say lifestyle. I don’t have very many fountain pens and want to try a variety to find the pen love of my life.

I saw the Cross Bailey Light and thought “oh, that looks cute. I wonder how much that is?” Friends, this pen is under $30. Whoop, Whoop.

The new Cross Bailey Light is just what it says ‘light’. I was surprised at how nice it feels in my hand when I’ve become used to a slightly heavier fountain pen style. The site states that “Bailey Light is the first of its kind in the Cross collection. Crafted to our exacting standards, the design shares the statement-making appeal and quality performance of the original Cross Bailey metal pen, but it weighs less in glossy resin”.


The Cross Bailey Light comes in a variety of colors, nib sizes and three different pen tips. The variety of colors offered at this moment are coral, teal, blue, white, gray, and black.The pen is also offered in extra fine, fine and medium steel nib; as well as a rollerball and ballpoint. The pen comes shipped in a nice box with a cartridge of black ink, already inside the pen. The site does offer converters for a similar price to converters of other brands.

The Cross Bailey Light is nice pen to look at and write with. I got the coral version with a medium steel nib. The body is an all coral resin with a few bands of silver trim and silver clip. The cap does come off one handed, which comes in handy ( lol) . The pen also has a nice click when the cap is put back on. The Cross Bailey light when posted and unposted are very similar in length to my Lamy Safari. It does have a thinner body but that is to be expected with a pen this light.

I have a tendency to hold my pens too tight and write with them for too long. This pen sits in my hand nicely and doesn’t tire my hand out. I’ve also kept it uncapped the entire time I’ve been writing this review ( 1.5 ish hours) and it hasn’t dried out at all.


To be honest I didn’t realize I was an ink snob until I tried writing with this pen. The ink included was so watery and a diluted looking black. I haven’t had a chance to get the converter yet, so I emptied out the black ink cartridge and immediately filled it with Lamy Vibrant Pink. Ooooffff, it looks so good; I love when an ink and pen match. But again that is a problem with the ink, not the pen.

There is no ink viewing. You write with it until it stops and then you have to unscrew it to see if it’s empty. It’s a silly thing and I know that the pen would likely have cost a little more or maybe not looked as nice with a viewing window but I wanted to mention it.

Writing Sample:




Overall, this is fine for the money; I don’t regret buying it. I would buy this pen for a friend or loved one who wants something that makes a mild statement of sophistication. This is the type of pen that can be taken anywhere and used often. I’m not afraid of scuffing it and it’s an easy way to bring a friend into the fountain pen world.

If you are into fountain pens and want to grab a pen and throw it in your bag or car this will do just fine for you. However, if you are into collecting and have been eyeing a pen of a similar price, I’d probably tell you to get the other one.

At the time of writing this review the Cross Bailey Light can be found on Amazon for a price very similar to other fountain pens depending on fit and finish. 

Disclaimer: I purchased this pen with my own funds and no one has paid me for my review. Everything in here is just my thoughts on how much I enjoyed or didn’t enjoy the pen.

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  1. Nice review! I haven’t seen this model before, so I’m happy to have the introduction. Cross pens have never really caught my eye. I know they have a couple of higher end models that get reasonably good reviews, but at those prices, there are already a few very highly regarded pens on my list, so I don’t see myself getting them. Who knows? Maybe I’ll try one of these someday.

    You mentioned that you have Lamy Safaris, but not too many other pens. Have you have tried a TWSBI Eco, yet? If not, I highly recommend them for the same cost as this Cross. In my opinion, they are arguably the best pen you can buy for double the cost! If you don’t have one, give it a try.

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